Top Guidelines Of διαχειριση σελιδας facebook

Αντίθετα η στάση τους απέναντι σε εθνικιστικά κινήματα είναι φιλική. Διαφημίζουν εθνικιστικές δράσεις μέσα από τη σελίδα τους με το πρόσχημα του «αντικατοχικού αγώνα» τους και της αντίθεσης τους σε λύση ομοσπονδίας στην Κύπρο.

Structure a Symbol for small business thought four dias still left .... All this firm's solutions are developed spherical a place to begin of figuring out in which you are on that curve (Practically standard statistically) using regular deviation (sigma or greek image σ) .

“his hottest clarification at a meeting he attended in person was that he opposes getting a member in it since it indymedia "has prescribed values and principles. There must be no concepts", he claimed, "merely a tabula rasa" (cleanse slate)”.

Ρε Ευδοκα, πως μπορει να ειναι Ανοικτη μια συνελευση, οταν εσυ δινεις προσκλησεις; Μεν την λαλεις Ανοιχτη. Λαλε την Ενδο~ανοικτη.

We feel that the progressive Local community must know who's infiltrating it and which electrical power is funding the agendas that these folks advertise.

Thank you in your fascination in republishing this story. You're are free of charge republish it As long as you do the next:

It's not the primary controversy around Facebook’s advertisement categories. Previous year, ProPublica was ready to dam an advert that we acquired in Facebook’s housing categories from currently being proven to African-People, Hispanics and Asian-Us citizens, increasing the concern of regardless of whether such advert focusing on violated legislation from discrimination in housing advertising and marketing.

Initially we want to thank the comrades in Athens and Patra for reminding all of our IndyMedia colleagues in Europe and globally that imc-cyprus continues to be without the need of complex aid through the community as a way to operate an Open up Publishing procedure around the imc-cyprus website - this is one area we are already requesting for quite a few many years now.

Δεν ήταν αρκετές οι συνεργασίες μας μαζί σου; Θυμώνεις διότι θέλεις κι άλλες συνεργασίες ή διότι δεν θέλεις; Τι θέλεις;

β. Οι βρισιές να απομακρύνονται από την εκάστοτε σελίδα.

και όχι στην ένωση αναρχικών που ξέρω τα παιδιά τα οποία προσπαθούν πραγματικά μέσα σε πολύ δύσκολες συνθήκες να διεκδικήσουν ακόμη και φωνή και πολιτική ύπαρξη

We believe that Indymedia is usually a conquest of your libertarian anti-authoritarian movement and that the precise situation of Cyprus Indymedia is a obtrusive dissonance.

I have tried out before to cotinue but my publish is absent. Anyway, it is actually extraordinary that the individual from "proheiro" is evident that he took component in many of your working teams, not necessarily indymedia alone but nonetheless had these types of procedure by you. It's only standard of you to deal with this way persons that have any relationship to you but at last come across them selves in disagreement along with you. Unusually ample with the previous six-seven many years you haven't been in a position to determine very clear-cut open proceedures.

όπου τέθηκαν συγκεκριμένα ερωτήματα πολιτικής φύσεως προς here τον γρηγόρη ο οποίος απλά απέφυγε να απαντήσει και υπεξέφυγε

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